Poisoned Landscapes
9 October 2019

Poisoned Landscapes
(2017 – ?)

In Poisoned Landscapes I have set out to tamper with my imagery. I do so to stress the role that human activity has on the environmental degradation, and, in turn, to invite us to give to our planet – and our choices – a second look, in the belief that an inhabitable world remains the precondition for all liveable lifes.

We are living in the Anthropocene. Human activity has tampered with the climate and the environment to the point of becoming a major force in nature. Still, we disregard how we impair the ecosystems we live in. We fail to acknowledge the impact and severity that such tampering will have on the critical zones we borrow from future generations. We lack the required unilateral incentives to reconsider our policies.

Hacking my images, I work at the intersection of photography and painting. I utilise the designed process to create positive visuals. It is my contention, in fact, that the Earth will not lose its inherent beauty, even though it may become more inhospitable to current human societies and to other species in the biosphere. In a way, I am photographing nature into the future. I am photographing a world without us.